Wild Harvesting

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Within the health and beauty product industry there are many words that are common to us, vegan, organic, fair trade and eco-friendly. However, a lesser known term is wild harvesting. Wild harvesting is no less important to sustainability and ethical product sourcing.

Wild Harvesting - Nattura Beauty Products

What is wild harvesting?

"Basically, a product that has been Wild Harvested means it has been collected by hand from a ‘wild’ or unmanaged ecosystem."

Benefits of Wild Harvesting

Wild harvesting encapsulates all of the critical elements that we look for when sourcing sustainable and ethical products:

Natural and organic - Wild harvested ingredients are free from artificial farming methods involving chemicals from modern day farming.

Ethical and Fair Trade - Wild harvesting relies on local expertise and knowledge to know where and when the perfect time is to harvest the ingredients.These expertise can only be found in the people who live and work locally to the natural area where the ingredients grow.

Healthy and perfect condition - The ingredients are grown in the natural habitat, in their natural state and drawing on the nutrients from the ground that they are indigenous to. With perfect timing the ingredients are harvested at the optimum time to ensure that they packed with the active ingredients, vitamins and nutrients to provide the highest possible quality products.

In Summary

"Wild harvesting of native ingredients such as Kakadu Plum and Bergamot is not only beneficial for our health but also socially. It is culturally, spiritually and ethically significant for local communities, creating work opportunities and access to traditional lands. Wild harvesting is also environmentally sustainable because it ensures the protection and care of native plants naturally established in that area."

Nattura Beauty Products is fully committed to supply products with ingredients that have been wild harvested at the optimum time to ensure the maximum benefits.

Nattura Beauty Products are available from our Store Section of our website. www.natturabeautyproducts.com

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