The Humble Orange!

Oranges are a well known fruit that is one of the most popular fruits to eat worldwide. Although humble in it's nature, there are many benefits and uses that an orange has. This blog entry talks in more detail about why Nattura Beauty Products has selected this organic ingredient within our product range.

Orange - Nattura Beauty Products - Vegan Friendly, Haircare, Skincare, Organic Ingredient
The Humble Orange!

Why Oranges?

"Oranges are among the world's most popular fruits, as they're both tasty and nutritious. They are a good source of vitamin C, as well as several other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants."

Benefits of Oranges


Oranges are gifted with antioxidants. These antioxidants fight against free radicals and therefore help to prevent untimely ageing. Vitamin C present in oranges keeps your skin healthy. It also gives glow to your skin keeping skin problems and allergies at bay. The healing properties of oranges help in healing of skin.


Oranges are good for radiant skin. They can also give you a glowing skin with radiance.

GREAT TONER Orange peels contain abundant amount of Vitamin C and oxidants which maintain the natural oils of the skin. They are suitable for both oily & dry skin. Calcium contributes to antioxidant production, thus providing the appearance of a healthy and glowing skin.


Vitamin C is highly present in oranges. It aids in circulation to the scalp which in turn promotes hair growth. They also contain folic acid, a type of vitamin B that is vital to hair growth.

TREATMENT OF ACNE  Acne are caused due to excess dirt or bacteria. When excess, bacteria or soot block your skin pores, it results in the occurrence of pimples and acne. Citric acid is present in Oranges in high amount. Citric acid is very effective in drying away acne & is also helpful in eliminating pimples.

Nattura Beauty Products are delighted to offer you products that include Orange within their list of organic and Vegan friendly, ingredients.

Nattura Beauty Products are available from our Store Section or within our Skincare section of our website.

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