Bees Wax and Honey - Is it Vegan?

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

There is a debate into whether Bees Wax and Honey is Vegan? It is a hot topic that crosses both sides of the argument.

Bees Wax and Honey - Nattura Beauty Products
Bees Wax and Honey - Is it Vegan?

Bees Wax and Honey are naturally produced by Bees in the wild and also harvested in Bee Farms for use within the beauty and cosmetic industry. Due to the fact that both Bees Wax and Honey are naturally produced there is a valid argument that it can be classed as a Vegan product.

Just for Confirmation:

"We, at Nattura Beauty Products, believe that Bees Wax and Honey should NOT be classed as a 100% Vegan product."
"Nattura Beauty Products, therefore, have ensured that any products that contain either ingredient are not classified as 100% Vegan."
"The 2 products that do contain Bees Wax or Honey are Nattura Toning Mist and Nattura Matte Hair Paste."

For clarity Nattura Beauty Products have decided that we will not classify any products that contain Bees Wax or Honey as 100% Vegan. If on the other hand you do believe that they can be classified as a Vegan product then that is your own personal belief. It is great that you have strength of character and we will not argue. That is your own freedom of decision to make.

Nattura has many other products that we are proud to offer as 100% Vegan products and these are clearly depicted within our shop page. The products are clearly marked with the following symbol:


Over the coming weeks and months we will be posting more exciting blog entries which will include many of our 100% Vegan and Organic Products. We look forward to receiving your comments and reactions to each and every one. Do keep in touch, it is nice to talk.

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